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The experts at NDSE can manage and scale your infrastructure to fit your needs while adding value to your operations and reducing headaches.



Generally, cloud computing refers to shared distributed resources, typically off-premise.

  • Navigate the vast field of available technologies
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS services
  • Secure file sharing for increased collaboration
  • Encrypted email


Recently, many businesses are using a simplified, cost-effective hybrid solution to manage both cloud and on-premise resources.

  • Brings together the best from on-premises, hosted, and cloud
  • Combines hosted services, managed services, and cloud computing applications
  • Great for companies who cannot shift all of their IT to the cloud at once
  • Allows for more flexibility than a single on-site or remote solution
  • Enables users to shift their workloads between remote data centers and their own hardware and infrastructure as needed
  • Optimizes how data is managed and protected
  • Equipment and/or software remain on-premise while integrating the cost efficiency of cloud solutions
  • Solutions to architect your internal and external network to help accomplish your long-term goals


In some cases, the more traditional on-premise solution is the best answer.

  • Ability to customize to specific needs and requirements
  • Leverage existing investment in on-premise infrastructure
  • Great solution when software is solely on-premise or not all applications work in the cloud
  • Ability to house highly sensitive compliance data